Embassies in Port Elizabeth

Below you will find a list of consulates and embassies in Port Elizabeth, one of the Eastern Cape's biggest cities. As Port Elizabeth is not one of South Africa's capitals there are only a limited number of consulates and embassies in the Eastern Cape. More can be found in cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Belgium|+27 (041) 368 3729|Cnr Buffelsfontein Rd, Greenways Office Park 4, Lovemore Heights, Port Elizabeth, 6070**

United Kingdom|+27 (0)41 363 8841|5th Floor, First Bowring House, 66 Ring Road, Greenacres**

Denmark|+27 (0)41 453 2696|3 Fearick Street, Sidwell, Port Elizabeth **

France|+27 (0)41 360 2730|3 Digby Road, Framesby, Port Elizabeth**

Germany|+27 (0)41 487 2840|11 Uitenhage Road, Port Elizabeth**

Italy|+27 (0)41 373 6443|16 Dyason Street, Mount Croix, Port Elizabeth**

Portugal|+27 (0)41 367 1693|9 Oak Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth**