Jeffreys Bay

Jeffrey’s Bay Quick Travel Guide
Why go?
Home to the ‘best right-hand break in the world’, surfing town Jeffrey’s Bay was made famous by the cult surfing film The Endless Summer, so naturally, if you are a surfer – Jeffrey’s Bay is the place to go. However there are also plenty of other reasons to visit the Eastern Cape town of Jeffrey’s Bay. Glorious beaches, funky bars, restaurants and cafes, water sports and good hiking and fishing are also on tap in Jeffrey’s Bay and with a good range of accommodation available it is a great place to relax and enjoy a slower pace of life, oh and surf of course!
Who for?
Surfers (and wannabe surfers) for sure! With both big breaks and more tame beginners waves, the Eastern Cape’s Jeffrey’s Bay is a great place for both experienced and learning surfers and for those beginners there are plenty of surf schools around. Jeffrey’s Bay is also a great destination for bird enthusiasts and anglers and for anyone looking to spend a few days relaxing on the beach.
The best time to go to Jeffrey’s Bay is probably February/March as the summer rush has quietened down a bit and Jeffrey’s Bay accommodation and the beaches are less full, but the weather is still warm enough to enjoy the great outdoors. Having said that JBay as it is fondly known has a very temperate climate and so is a pretty good year round destination and you can surf here pretty much any time of year – although the water may be a little cold! The annual Billabong Pro, which takes place each winter, also provides a great time to visit - watching the world’s best surfers compete for this prestigious title is great fun – although the town of Jeffrey’s Bay get’s pretty busy.
How long?
How long to spend in Jeffrey’s Bay is largely up to you and will be determined by what you want to do. If you are a keen surfer you may want to spend a good week here or if you intend to master the art of surfing, again 5 days or so is recommended. If surfing isn’t your bag, then 2-3 days in Jeffrey’s Bay will probably be enough. You could also head on to the Gamtoos Valley and Baviaanskloof from here which are well worth a visit.
Must see/do?
  • Surf’s up! Whether you are already a surfing pro or want to take a few lessons, surfing has to be the top thing to do in Jeffrey’s Bay. There are plenty of surf schools around for lessons and you can hire surf boards from them as well if you already know what you are doing.
  • Enjoy the ‘walk around’ Jeffrey’s Bay Kabeljous nature Reserve which is just outside the town – especially good for bird enthusiasts.
  • Visit Jeffrey’s Bay Shark Aquarium – this is a fun outing for all the family.
  • Head to the beach – there are some great beaches in Jeffrey’s Bay and not just for surfing – there are plenty of beaches where you can paddle and sunbathe as well!
  • Visit some of the great cafes and little eateries around – we like In Food for some tasty treats.  
  • Explore the surf museum in Da Gama Road and see what all the fuss is about.
  • Try your hand at sandboarding, the dunes that surround Jeffrey’s Bay are perfectly suited to sand surfing! Based in Aston Bay at the Marina Martinique this is a fun activity that you can do without getting wet.