Exploring Wildlife Safaris in Eastern Cape: A Complete Guide

Eastern Cape

Embark on a thrilling wildlife adventure in Eastern Cape's natural reserves

1. Addo Elephant National Park

Discover the world-renowned Addo Elephant National Park, home to over 600 elephants. Embark on a thrilling safari to witness these majestic creatures up close and personal.


2. Tsitsikamma National Park

Explore the breathtaking Tsitsikamma National Park, known for its dense forests, dramatic coastal scenery, and diverse wildlife. Enjoy activities like hiking, nature trails, and river tubing.


3. Kragga Kamma Game Park

Discover the beauty of Kragga Kamma Game Park, where you can spot giraffes, rhinos, zebras, and various antelope species. Enjoy a guided game drive and relax at the picnic spots.